#4 Giveaway & Goodbyes

Today, I am spending the day enjoying my grand-girls before they move to Virginia with their parents.  I am feeling that there may be much weeping on my part like they must have felt in Acts 20:37, but Clint reassures me we will see them.  Goodbyes are hard, but this is a great chapter in Blake and Andrea’s life.  However, rather than BLOG today, I’m going to go enjoy these precious girls…and their parents.

But you can still enter this weeks giveaway! Like, Share, Comment here, on FB or Evidence of Grace facebook page. Best of luck!

Do Everything With Great LoveMary Jo of 517creations is one of the most enthusiastic & creative ladies from my area. She is a stay-at-home mom of 2 kiddos and a pastor’s wife. Fixer Upper is her favorite show on TV and has inspired her and her husband to remodel a few houses. (And put sunglasses on her and she could be Joanna Gaines’ twin sister!) Mary Jo has always loved creating fun, personalized items for her kids and for gifts. Recently she has started selling those items.  Mary Jo posts all of her creations on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/517creations.  “Do Everything with great love” I think this shirt expresses John 13:35 in a beautiful way! The shirt is dark gray and is a regular cut t-shirt. When you win you can let me know your size. Best of luck; Like, share, comment on Facebook, Evidence of Grace.

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