My Most Excellent Adventure:Nashville

On Friday April 1, 2016 I headed east; destination Nashville, Tennessee! My previous post explained the reasons, this is just a glimpse into the sights and a journal for my memories.

I could get really sidetracked and never get to Nashville if I wasn’t careful.IMG_6222

And this place really fascinated me. Maybe only my friend, artist Linda Teeter will see the beauty I see here. (Her work “Bloomin Barrels” remains one of my favorite!) Or maybe it’s my love of a cold diet coke?

 With just an address plugged into my navigation from Clint, I was in for a real treat for my first nights stay.  When I arrived in Nashville, I could tell I was heading downtown. I was shocked when I pulled up the The Hermitage Hotel; hotel to the stars!

Set in a 1910 Beaux Arts building, this hotel is across the street from Legislative Plaza and the Tennessee State Museum. My room overlooked the Tennessee State Capitol.
The refined elegant rooms feature Italian linens, two 42-inch flat-screens and another smaller in the bathroom. Nightly turndown service with freshly baked chocolate fudge square, robe and slippers. Although I skipped using the shoe shine service, (my Sketchers seemed fine) I did enjoy late night room service delivered by my private butler, Nathan.

I went out exploring a little, but was too excited to take full advantage of my room. I got to watch a little of the show “Nashville” being filmed a block from my room. (It will be a scene set in “Atlanta” with protesters against the characters being gay.)

On Saturday morning I didn’t want to get out of my bed, the linens were amazing! However, my doorbell rang (yes, a doorbell in my suite!) and Nathan  brought me my delicious breakfast, complete with Wolferman english muffins and rosette butter!

I had no agenda and spent time leisurely exploring the downtown 2nd and Broadway music row scene. I loved the pink taxi cabs. Peddling Taverns seemed to be a favorite for the females, and live music was around every corner. Just think, I may have heard the early songs of the next Carrie Underwood or Blake Shelton! Then I headed over to Antique Archaeology , Mike Wolfe from American Pickers store. I just can’t figure the selfie stick out! Loretta Lynn’s dress was from his private collection.  I was a little sticker shocked, but did pick up a souvenir bag and a carbine key chain for Max, and a guitar pick for Clint.  There were a dozen other hip stores and boutiques in the old wear-house, and I was able to pick up locally made gifts for each of my kids. One of the little candy stores specialized in gourmet marshmallows and was featured on an episode of Unique Sweets.

Next I left for Franklin, a little town about25 minutes south of Nashville. The downtown is adorable with tons of shops and restaurants.  A lot of celebrities live in Franklin and shop here. The weather was amazing and the sunshine was good for my soul. I loved more people watching and the time just meandering at my own pace.

I ate really well, throwing diet to the wind. I choose Gray’s for lunch and had Shrimp and Grits and friend green tomato’s on creamed corn. How southern is that! My idea was to eat at that night at “Smokin’ Thighs” featured on Dinner’s Drive In’s and Dives, but I was way too full. I choose to eat next to my hotel later that night at a Shark Tank Franchise that Barbara joined in on. “Tom + Chee”.  Someone in Joplin needs to jump on that bandwagon! Sunday’s lunch was a ginormous Calzone at Luigi’s City Pizza (note my quarter for size reference). I may not eat the rest of this week.

I planned on attending Immanuel Nashville on Sunday morning, so Clint booked me a hotel closer to the church.  Kind of felt like I was slumming it! (Not really! The room was lovely and comfy and lets just face it…much more of my normal life!) Ray and Jani Ortland are some of my favorite authors and speakers from the Gospel Coalition events I’ve been privileged to attend in the past. This was the church Ray pastors. Jani’s book “His Loving Law, Our lasting Legacy” is a must read for all my momma friends! It was the perfect way to end my “refresher” weekend. After a call to worship song, Ray got up to talk, and with his soothing  voice said, “Welcome. Welcome, all you who are weary and heavy laden. Welcome, all you who need hope and rest…..” I swear he was looking directly at me, the overflow of my tears, continued as we sang, I knew Jesus had truly given my soul rest this weekend.  He is such a good gift giver! His sermon was on the Qur’an vs. the Bible and was very interesting and gospel saturated!


I left with a heavier load, but a lighter soul.  He gave me rest.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 29:11

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