Chocolate Bunnies and Joyful Easter


There can be a lot of controversy among Christian about how much the bunny has destroyed Easter, (or Santa, Christmas) I’ve warred within my own mind how much do I represent Jesus when I set up my Easter table or when I shop for a new dress. Our tradition to get chicks and ducks, and the favorite egg hunt with the cash and candy filled eggs.


Christ lets us share in the glory and grace of his resurrection. Easter is about opening our hearts, minds and souls to celebrate the new life of Christ’s resurrection that has been given to us. Have I lost “the” story in the middle of the celebration? But then it dawns on me: Easter cannot be destroyed because it’s the very victory over destruction!

IMG_6031The Easter story from four Gospels: Jesus was arrested, beaten beyond imagination, and hung on a cross to die. His resurrection a few days later, according to our faith, means that God has made good on His promise to restore a broken world. 1 Cor. 15:14 “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain”.

I desperately desire not to lose the entire purpose of this glorious day. But does this mean I need to avoid anything that takes the focus off Jesus? Yes! Then does this mean I can’t enjoy some of the family traditions and fun decorations? Of course not!


It’s just like the enemy to twist and destroy and use and abuse all that Spring gives us to reflect on the gospel in the Easter season. He makes us hyper sensitive and we miss enjoying beautiful common graces and evidence of this season that point us to Him. I remember a Sunday school teacher in the 2nd grade who told us “just like a hard shell of an Easter egg contained new life, so the tomb of Jesus contained his resurrection body.” She explained the hard-boiled egg is one of the seven symbols set out on the Seder plate and the similarities of Easter and Passover. Over and over I’ve heard stories and seen the gospel, and hope, and life springing from the dead of winter to enjoy Jesus even greater!

 Life is springing up from the ground! And though every Sunday is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, this time of year provides the overflowing opportunity to give our focus and attention to the resurrection that empowers our Christian life.IMG_6036

So, as I set my table with many of the fun Easter décor I’ve collected over these years. As we stuff eggs and prepare for friends to come share this celebratory meal, I am more deeply in awe of a God who made a way for me to live in newness of life! My prayer is that we will enjoy all the hope and newness and chocolate and gospel conversation and laughter that brings hope….Jesus!IMG_6047


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