When I decided to start a blog, or WebSite as it were to my less-than-tech- savvy self, it was all about beautiful things.  Beautiful stories, beautiful designs, beautiful art, His beautiful Word.  A place to document the evidence of grace in my life while living in a  broken world. Yes, in my mind it would look like the cooking channels’ Unique Sweets. I love the vivid images on that show! Its brightness makes me happy.  It would be a happy place like my Pinterest boards; but personal, His story working out in my life, the work He’s doing in our family, exciting evidence of grace to us.  A journal of sorts, where my  hope is that my children and grandchildren would see Jesus through my eyes. A scrapbook of sorts, without all the scrap.

But God being rich in mercy, and because He likes to mess with my best ideas, laid it on my heart, “show your closet, first thing”. Before any beautiful things?  I really wrestled through these thoughts. My closet is off limits to all, it is the place I can just hide everything, never memorialize it.  I do want to be completely transparent, but not my closet…Closet BEFORE…however, in an effort to let my light shine; the good and the bad, I needed to post on the “interweb” where anyone can see, my hidden mess.

I then took this as a chance to examine this mess, sort it out, clear out the clutter, paint it to match the bedroom, and make it an enjoyable spot to visit.  Every day I am faced with similar scenarios  with my life.  God reveals some hidden sin, weakness or clutter that is causing  my heart to be troubled and anxious.  Sometimes its even an area I’m so used to that I don’t even notice it.  Sometimes this “clutter” causes so much wasted time, chaos and anxiety, that I miss the treasured moments of the day.

As I cleaned out my drawers, I found my grandmothers brooches. These women were Godly ladies who left a beautiful legacy in our family.  Now I can “see” them daily and reflect on His beautiful story lived through their lives and reminding me of my hidden life in Christ.

For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3

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